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Norma Jeane in Marilyn! The New Musical, Las Vegas

Brittney had the extreme pleasure of originating the role of Norma Jeane (young Marilyn Monroe) in Marilyn! The New Musical at The Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on June 1, 2018.

She starred opposite Ruby Lewis of Broadway's Paramour, physically embodying Marilyn's insecurity and childhood pain that she failed to escape in adulthood.

“The numbers most pleasing to the ear are a series of duets between Marilyn (Ruby Lewis) and her younger self, Norma Jeane (Brittney Bertier) ...The music lends itself nicely to the melding of two excellent voices."

- Las Vegas Review Journal

Brittney backstage at The Paris Theater. Photo by Joshua David Cavanaugh

The cast featured some of New York and Los Angeles' best talent, and opening on the anniversary of Marilyn's birthday was a night to remember!

Book and Lyrics by Tegan Summer, Music and Additional Lyrics by Gregory Nabours, and Choreography by Ferly Prado.

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